Saturday, February 14, 2009

Final Curtain

What do you take your 14 year old boy on closing night, while all the girls are getting flowers?

A money bouquet.

He did a great job and we are so proud of him. We are all a little relieved and sad it is over. Yesterday a stranger approached us in the grocery store to say "Hey you were great in that play!"

It was surreal to watch my Artist on stage singing and acting. Five years ago he almost didn't go to the charter art school because he might have to be on stage! The beloved secretary who is known as the queen of the school, assured him he would never be forced to perform on stage. Now in his last year at this school he is front and center and loving it. It is so important to remember children are a work in progress, what they hate one year may be their greatest passion the next. This experience of acting and singing will stay with him, I hope as a reminder that everything and anything is possible.

To make a money bouquet you curl the edges of the bill away from the center then twist the center and place on a wooden stick, use dark twist ties and keep going. we gave him an even dozen!