Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Time Bliss

Being a full time working mom in the school system, I am so excited when summer is here. I love lists and getting things done (goal oriented). My kids and I love swimming and love days at the beach as well. I also always have many cleaning out projects and catch up projects planned for summer.

Yesterday, was my first official day of summer. I didn't even look at the list. The kids were out of school midweek, and my last day was Friday. It was a glorious day. A friend who I swap childcare with dropped her kids off in the morning and I greeted her in my robe, which I stayed in until noon. The kids were great and they played well all day. We ran a few errands and ended our day at my friend's pool.

Today my daughter and I will tackle her bedroom. We are planning on taking everything out of the bedroom and then slowly going through and weeding out what we don't need and organize.

Did I mention I love Summer.
My favorite things about summer include:

  • Lots of unscheduled time.
  • Not having to be anywhere in the morning.
  • Realizing I am not a domestic failure. ( my house looks really good most days in the summer)
  • Beach days
  • Pool days
  • Pajama days
  • Organizing days
  • Photo album catch up days
  • Road trips with my kids
  • Creative projects (sometimes painting)
  • No Homework
  • Concerts and outdoor movies at the local park
  • Long days and late sunsets
  • Summer wardrobe .. sandals, shorts, dresses

As Nat King Cole sings ... roll out those lazy- hazy- crazy days of summer.


Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

Hooray for summer!

Great tune!!!

Genny said...

What a great thing to not even look at the list! That's a hard one for me.