Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some Things are Worth the Wait

Living in the country on a large property and doing most of the work ourselves means many, many, many projects are never finished. I am blessed to share this country life dream with my husband and brother, two men who can build anything and have a fantastic work ethic and vision.

Over the years we have accomplished much on our land including putting in a five acre vineyard, planting trees and putting in irrigation. They have also built fences, a sunflower house, retaining walls and a stone entry gate. The guys have done a lot of work to improve our lake.
On a grand scale, they built the barn, it is beautiful. Maybe, more beautiful than our house. I was a barn widow for three long years.
So with all this work to do, our little front yard has been largely ignored over the years.
As you enter the property, you drive through the vineyard past the beautiful roses and then arrive at our yard. Our yard however, consists of mostly dirt and a few piles of rocks that make it look more like a construction zone. Once a stranger visited our house and asked if we were the "caretakers " for whoever owned the vineyard and lower land. I have often been frustrated that our front yard was so overlooked. Being a goal oriented girl, I need reminding to enjoy the journey and not get so hung up on the concept of having something FINISHED.

Last weekend, I begged my husband just to move the rock piles so we didn't look like the local stone yard. What a nice surprise when he said, "If I move it, we might as well use it and implement our landscape design."

Sunday afternoon the kids and I rolled up our sleeves and helped my love construct a dry creek bed, complete with stones, boulders and weed fabric underneath it all. The kids and I have continued the work an hour each morning before it gets really hot. We are hoping to finish some of it today! I must admit, I am not traditionally good with plants and don't usually do much of the work outside. I am proud of myself for getting involved.
It sure helps that the kids are older now and can really help.
Timing is everything in life and I believe this experience was worth the wait. The four of us, myself and my three great loves accomplished this together!


Genny said...

You have such an amazing property!

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

The land is beautiful and truly inspiring!!

Glad you could jump into the mix, what a blessing creating something meaningful with the ones you love most!!

the kitchen gnomes said...

Oh, can I relate to the dilemma of the many many unfinished projects around the house, especially being married to your brother, who, like you husband and your other brother Darrel, is quite a handy man and would always choose to do it himself!!! It seems that money and/or time are the enemies of our projects, but you are right, we should focus on the journey rather than the mess. And I love that Paul is such good handyman!!!