Saturday, May 30, 2009

Artist Artist, how does your garden grow?

My son the artist made the decision in April to grow a garden. I take on a lot of activities on the property, but gardening is not one of them. I don't do much outside unless it is in the vineyard. He took the initiative, worked the dirt, found the pots, and planted the seeds. He even decorated with some extra stone and mulch scavenged from dad's piles.

The garden is doing very well and he faithfully waters it every day!


CC said...

Wow! That is soooo awesome looking. Great job! Are you coming to my home next??

Momisodes said...

Wow! Looks like he did a wonderful job. I love the stones around the perimeter of the pots. Very artistic.
Hope you get some lovely growth very soon!

anymommy said...

He's so clever! Do you rent him out, we could use some landscaping.

Genny said...

Good for your son! Better than I do in my!

Great to be back,

Genny said...

Just popping by to see if you've written. :)