Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Don't forget the plastic bags!"

Being a California girl, I love the beach. When we decided to move to the country and plant a vineyard, I was more than pleased to find a vineyard location not too far from the coast. I faithfully take my kids to the beach every summer. Unlike Southern California where I was raised, the summers on the central coast provide very cold water temps. The importance of wet suits for my kids was a reality I learned early on. The problem is getting wet suits on and off caused an enormous scene on the beach. I would struggle every summer getting my kids into the wetsuits. We provided endless entertainment for onlookers as I would pull, prod, peel and push trying to get my kids in their suits.

Finally frustrated with this this routine, I googled solutions for the problem. We stumbled onto the plastic bag solution. You place a standard plastic grocery bag on the child's foot and put their foot into the wetsuit, once the foot is in you slide the plastic bag out and off. Repeat this step for each foot and hand. Miraculously with the child's foot in the bag it glides easily through the wet suit.
Let a plastic bag give you a helping hand!

Now as we head out for the beach my children are usually yelling, "do you have the plastic bags?", "Mom get the plastic bags!".


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

What a neat idea! I have conveniently stashed this one in the back of my mind if I'm ever in need of wetsuits! :-)

Genny said...

That is a great tip! My husband and his brother used to go diving a lot...I'll have to tell him about this. :)

Momisodes said...

Wow! That is such a great idea. My husband has a wet suit (from his surfing days), and I always wondered how he managed to squeeze himself into it!

anymommy said...

Smart. I'll probably never need that information, but so smart!

AVT Coach said...

I see that you have about as many posts as I do lately. It sounds like you have enjoyed your summer and your family. I too have been having a great time with many projects to keep my busy. I miss blogging and contact with blog friends I have met. Would love to hear from you how you are doing! Are you ready for another school year?