Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Artist

My son loves to draw. He showed talent in sketching at a very young age. It calms him and feeds his soul. It is one of his favorite past times. He started out drawing things that interest him. When he was five it was dinosaurs, and at age ten it was dragons and knights.

I recall when my infant daughter threw a spoon in the direction of my five year old son. They were sitting at the dinner table, and the spoon went air born. Of course the spoon hit my son right on the arm. He started to cry and then suddenly stopped, he jumped up to get a paper and proceeded to draw the whole scene. The picture had both kids and a spoon flying through the air, he continued and drew a dark line across the scene. The line was meant to communicate to my daughter that this was unacceptable. He scrawled out the word NO and handed it to her, like an officer issuing a speeding ticket to the guilty party.

That day I saw a glimpse of what art might hold for my son, I had no idea he would stay with it. Now he is taking on new challenges to see what he can learn to draw.

He recently came home with a library book on drawing faces and proceeded to study the book and practice the art of capturing the human face.

He is one of my favorite artists, although I might be biased.


Laura Cockrell said...

You have such beautiful and talented children. I remember a visit to our house in Sacramento and your little artist spent a few hours drawing pictures and we had some of his masterpieces on our refrigerator for quite a while. I'm so glad to hear that he is continuing with his art!

angela said...

wow!!! dakota is an amazing artist. i don't think you're biased!!

i love the blog, and good to see you on facebook too!!