Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crazy Saturday - stop this merry-go-round I want to get off.

OK this SATURDAY ... went like this

Woke up in the morning inspired to write a really touching entry on my new blog... but then ...

1. Need to get girls ready and in the car, so I could deliver one girl home and pick up my son and his friend.

2. Drop off clothes we had borrowed at a friends. Hurry home so all kids could do some vineyard work.

3. Son having allergy attack, shower and medication administered.

4. Kids got itchy after chasing deer that had some how got into the vineyard.....This is not good!

5. Made lunch for everyone , started to clean up kitchen, oops time was running out to get to the dump....My Dad was calling on the phone "aren't we going to load up the trash?"

6. Loaded up trash, did a few more dishes, changed the laundry, rushed the kids into the car to head to the dump.

7. Husband calls from the tractor to request I stop at the farm store to purchase a part.

8. Go to the dump, drop off recycling, return son's friend, get the part from the farm store.

9. Pick up stuff for science project for son. Son now starving, stop and feed him some food.

10. Return home , do a few dishes, supervise both children with big homework projects.

11. Start to make dinner ....except meat is out of date - or is it? ..sell by date... what exactly does that mean?

11. Quick jump on the Internet to see if meat is really OK ? NO. Throw it in the trash, continue to make dinner with a few recipe adjustments.

12. All sit down to dinner, myself being disappointed with the dinner decided to have ice cream bar... not part of the meal plan.

13. During dinner daughter has toothache situation followed by a refusal to eat followed by water picking and flossing.

14. Again start the dishes while husband and son go down to check on watering. Daughter becomes upset about her project, starts to melt down probably due to lack of food and toothache.

15. Abandon house work and sit with daughter and comfort her.

At the end of the day.... House looks terrible and dinner was a disappointment, the kids are tired, allergenic and cranky, and the deer is still in the vineyard.

Oh well there is always tomorrow.


margie said...

Elle, okay you had me laughing at the eating ice cream part! Sorry for the crazy day! If it makes you feel any better my counter still looks like it did yesterday, the paper piles are all still there!

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

I can soooo relate! You are amazing! Can we go to Glen Ivy and leave this all behind?