Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Kitchen and the Soup Nazi

I am addicted to the food network and I have a son who loves to cook, however I still consider myself a novice in the kitchen.

One type of food that I really enjoy cooking is soup. I have a talent for soup. Maybe it is due to my goal and deep desire to only have one pot to clean. Whatever the reason, my soups are usually the best thing on the menu. Some of my specialties are: zucchini soup, blended vegetable soup, corn chowder, chicken tortilla soup and butternut squash soup. Thankfully my family all love soup.

Fortunately for my family, I am not nearly as temperamental as the Soup Nazi, but I do like saying "No soup for you."


Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

Yummy... You'll have to post some of those soup recipes!!

"No soup for you" - Love it!

Genny said...

I totally remember that episod! Too funny! As soon as it gets cooler, soup will sound good. But now, with it still about 100 here, not so much! LOL.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

How funny...we are from South Texas, and even though we don't live there anymore, soup is still a seasonal thing for us.

'Tis (coming up on) the season! :-)

Of course, our fave is Taco Soup.

anymommy said...

This made me laugh! Soups are my best meals too. I adore my tortilla soup recipe. It might be the only thing I cook that I can say is worth trying with a straight face.

Cathy said...

I'd love your zuchini soup recipe!