Friday, August 29, 2008

What did you learn on the first day of school?

Interview in hand
Questions put upon the page
Answers from the heart .

Famous for one day?
Teen stars dressed beyond their years
Happy to be me

It is Haiku Friday at A Mommy Story

Wednesday was the first day of school for my kids. My bookworm who is always ready to roll wasted no time getting started on her homework in the car.

She was asked to fill out an interview, so the teacher could get to know her better. She read the interview questions out loud and would announce her answers as she wrote them down on her paper. The questions consisted of the usual; favorite color, favorite past times, and favorite foods. No surprises there, until she reached question number eight.

Question #8 - "If you could be a famous person who would you like to be?"

Her initial answer - "I just want to be myself."

I almost swerved off the road, could it be that my daughter is that content with herself?

I blurted out, "Write that down."

My daughter protested, "No Mom that is not answering the question."

I pleaded, "Please write that down, it is the best answer in the world."

"No I can't, it doesn't answer the question. How about if I write..

Shawn Johnson, but I really just want to be myself."

I replied, "Great, that is the perfect answer. Write that down."

I just loved it. I couldn't wipe the smile of my face. In the time of Botox, dolled up teen stars and the media it's an uphill battle for girls to feel good about themselves. I am so thankful that my daughter is content to be herself. A great discovery for me on the first day of school.


maggie's mind said...

Wow. Awesome. That really speaks volumes and volumes about what you have taught your daughter and also the kind of person she is. She gets it, and she will save herself lots of heartache if she hangs onto that idea. Really cool.

Mel said...

That's awesome! I hope my son will have self-esteem that good. For that matter, I hope I will at some point, too. Congratulations on raising a happy kid!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well, yes, I am up at 4 am too! :-)

I just got your comment and I'm glad I got to pop on over...what a precious reminder from that teen to this (ehem) older than a teen!

God made us the way we are, and that should make us happy!

Honey Mommy said...

That really is the best answer in the world! I don't know if most adults would be able to say that they just want to be themselves! You have taught her well.

monica @ transplanting me said...

fanastic! what a great attitude. i hope my daughter is as content with herself!!

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

I love this post!!

Such a great moment and positive reflection on your bookworm!!

It takes a lot of courage a any age to remain grounded in who you are- good for her!!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

That IS a great answer! Definitely a proud momma moment :o)

washwords said...

wow, that is lovely. how wonderful for your daughter and oh what a wonderful age and time. I hope she keeps that sense through the teen times!

Cathy said...

That's one of those parenting moments you'll cherish forever. Way to go for your daughter!

Genny said...

Good for her! That's wonderful!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

That is spectacular that she wants to be herself first and foremost goes to show she is proud of her individuality. You have a leader there, not a follower.

happy HF, mine is up:

Mom24 said...

That's so awesome! Good job Mom. My 8 year old's questionairre asked 'your favorite place to be'? He answered home. Score!

Lilacspecs said...

Wow. That's such a great attitude. I hope she can keep that as she grows.

Sandy C. said...

A perfect answer indeed! I love it. What a proud moment :)