Saturday, November 8, 2008

This thermos and that's all I need...

My Bookworm has discovered the amazing properties of a thermos.

While working in the vineyard with dad she was truly amazed that the old Aladdin thermos kept water ice cold in very hot weather for hours. Ever since her discovery we hear the familiar squeak of the thermos top every where we turn; in the car, at the table, in her room, in the family room.

She is busily fixing it up and getting herself drinks out of her new discovery.

Remember the movie The Jerk and the Thermos Song.

She just loves it and apparently it is all she needs!

Wait till we tell her it keeps things hot in cold weather too.


avtcoach said...

This is funny! I could just invision her face when she made this discovery! Yes, winter will be sweet!
Hey, want to guest posts on a Christmas Holiday book?

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

I love kid's discovery!!

Very cute!! The Jerk was a crack up, I remember that song...

Genny said...

Very cute, Elle!

Thanks for your sweet comment the other day...:)

TWC said...

That's just really amusing. I love it when kids find these things out.