Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drama Mama

I have been neglecting my blog and wine sales, while helping out with my son's school play.

Kudos to all you Soccer Moms and Dance Moms. I have done the Karate Mom thing and now my daughter is in gymnastics, but nothing has been as consuming as this Drama Mama gig. Since I don't sew, I signed up for program duty. I was blessed with a wonderful hard working mom, who is helping me.

My duties include; selling ads for the programs, collecting ads and money, and developing flyers for all of the above. I was also in charge of taking pics of the kids for the program. I took a group shot of the; principals (9), daughters (14) , police (17) and pirates (twenty something). Thank goodness for digital photography! Out of 15 shots of each group I had one or two where I actually had every kid looking at me with eyes open. I also helped out with tracking down feathers for the costumes.

I am so proud of my son, he is doing well with all the rehearsals and memorization of lines. I loved my high school drama teacher and am so excited that one of my children is dabbling in one of my passions. It is a production of the Pirates of Penzance.


Momisodes said...

Wow! What an exciting production. It looks great. I can certainly see how there can be a ton of work to be done behind the scenes. Sounds like you've been busy! :)

CC said...

You go guy!!!!!!

anymommy said...

Supermom! Seriously, this is great. I'm looking forward to when my kids are involved in some fun things - also dreading all the driving.

avtcoach said...

Ahh! High school drama..any kind of drama.. I love it! We have season tickets to a community theater in OKC and love going. It is always magical to see them perform. You are putting in some major hour there!
The answer is YES! I would love to have you post a Tuesday Tales. As you can see I have been a bit neglectful of has been crazy. Let me know when you want to post!