Monday, October 20, 2008

14 Years

14 years ago my boy was born.

His hand print then...

The Artist today...

We celebrated the day at a museum & aquarium.


margie said...

Happy 14th Birthday to your sweet Artist! Love you guys! Margie & Family

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Happy, Happy. Hardly seems possible.

Here's a birthday story.

Once there was a little boy named Jacob who, like most little boys, was always very hungry. But this day, he was especially famished because his parents had dragged him all over wine country and the only nourishment he'd had in hours was Chardonnay grapes hanging from the arbors at Justin winery.

Finally, we sat at a table and ordered food, but something was taking an awfully long time.

Eventually, some of the food arrived, but not Jacob's, who sat dejected and on the verge of tears.

Then in an unprompted, unscripted act of kindness another little boy who was a little bit older offered to share his supper with Jacob. Something Jacob remembers to this day.

That boy is having a birthday today.

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

Happy, happy birthday to your Artist... I can't believe it's been fourteen years!!

I remember holding that sweet little guy and he is now such an amazing young man!!

Momisodes said...

Happy 14th Birthday to your son!

I love the serious of photos. He has become quite an artist :)

jacob =D said...

happy 14 b day its jacob who visited last year the snells how ya doing your an artist i see i would like to see some of your work when i see you guys see ya lol =D

avtcoach said...

Congratualtions to you and your husband...14 years. That is a milestone. Have a happy celebration. It goes so fast doesn't it!

Lynn said...

Wow, what an artist! Your son really has talent.

This is my first time visiting your blog. It's neat! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)